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A taste of...

the northern periphery in Skellefteå


Swedish Lapland on toast

salmon, cloudberries and dense forest


Prepared on open fire

Arcitic char, reindeer and almond potatoes



The cheese of all cheeses, Burträsk Västerbotten


A taste of the northern periphery

Simplicity is a recurring theme here in the Northern regions of Swedish Lapland and when related to food this quality takes the genuine taste of nature, flavor of wilderness, freshness of forest, lakes, streams.

What nature offers is an abundance of fish, alpine herbs, mushrooms and berries.Influence from Sami culture can be found in the consumption of reindeer meat as well as moose meat, which can be salted and dried or prepared fresh.

This area is home to exquisite delicacies such as the so called Swedish "caviar" or Kalix roe, famous for its fresh flavor and vivid orange color. Another taste worth trying is that of Västerbotten Cheese strong, aromatic, piquant. Produced in a village close to Skellefteå, Bursträsk, Västerbotten cheese is said to be "masterful in both taste and consistence" (Werner Vögeli).

Enjoy the taste of the North!

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