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Siberian jay

The ghost of the forest


Salmo salar

Inhabitants of the roaring rivers


Golden eagle

The most elegant hunter of the subarctic fauna

When you visit Norrland the closeness to Nature is, of course, highly palpable. Skellefteå is no exception to this – quite the opposite, in fact, few towns can offer such proximity between the comforts of urban life and natural experiences.


Nature is not close to Skellefteå. It is Skellefteå that is close to Nature. To put it simply, a town in the midst of Nature. Take two areas that are absolutely glorious in the summer – Nordanå and Vitberget – both centrally located and extremely popular with the people of Skellefteå themselves. Salmon fishing, look-out points, walking areas, picnic spots, mushroom forests, sports arenas or whatever you want to do. Nature has set it all up. And you do not even need to go there. You are there already.

Into the wild

Wild-life experiences

Into the wild. More info on leisure and wild-life

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A sub-arctic climate makes summer summer, and winter winter

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